Browns Chicken

Browns Style Fried Chicken

Browns Fried Chicken is one of the best that Chicago has to offer. Their juicy and flavorful fried chicken is something that you should try -- of course their deep fried mushrooms is another thing too. This Browns Style Fried Chicken recipe is our … [see the recipe]

Old Country Buffet Chicken

Old Country Buffet Style Fried Chicken

Print Old Country Buffet Style Fried Chicken Prep time:  8 hours Cook time:  16 mins Total time:  8 hours 16 mins Serves: 7   In my opinion, the fried chicken served at Old Country Buffet is really good. This … [see the recipe]

Boston Market Chicken

Boston Market Style Chicken

Boston Market Style Chicken is synonymous to the best rotiseree chicken in town. Their rotiseree chicken are juicy, tasty, and delicous. This recipe that we have here is our version of the Boston Market rotiseree chicken. If you will look closely … [see the recipe]

Chicboy inasal

Chic-Boy Style Chicken Inasal

Chic-Boy Chicken Inasal is quite new in the chicken fast food market. Their chicken inasal dishes can compete with the recipes of the old timers in the business; this makes this new fast food chain in the Philippines recognized as time goes … [see the recipe]

Golden Corral Fried Chicken Recipe

Golden Corral Style Fried Chicken Recipe

Golden Corral is a popular buffet restaurant that has branches all over the USA. They are famous for many of their dishes; one of them is the Golden Corral Fried Chicken which¬†both kids and adults enjoy to eat. This recipe that we have here is a … [see the recipe]

Kenny Rogers Chicken Recipe

Kenny Rogers Style Roast Chicken Recipe

Kenny Rogers Style Roast Chicken is the best recipe that we were able to come-up when trying to mimic the famour Kenny Rogers Roast Chicken. This recipe is really good and worth a try. It is not a secret how good Kenny Rogers Roast chicken are. It … [see the recipe]

Chicken Gumbo Recipe

Chicken Gumbo Recipe

Chicken Gumbo is a dish that came from Louisiana. This dish usually has strong flavor complimented by a thick sauce brought about by thickeners such as flour and okra. This particular chicken gumbo recipe has that delicious flavor, thick texture, and … [see the recipe]

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka Recipe

Chicken Tikka is a delicious spicy Indian chicken recipe. This dish is full of flavor yet low in fat and cholesterol. There are several ways to cook Chicken Tikka; this recipe demonstrates how to cook Chicken Tikka by baking and broiling. If you … [see the recipe]

Max's Fried chicken

Max’s Style Fried Chicken

Max's is a popular restaurant in the Philippines famous for its Max's fried chicken. Their fried chicken is tasty, crisp, and tender. It also goes well with the fried sweet potato side. This Max's Style Fried Chicken recipe that we have here is … [see the recipe]

chicken adobo

Dry Chicken Adobo Recipe

Dry Chicken Adobo is an authentic Filipino dish. The style of cooking is called "inadobo", which¬†means stewed in garlic, soy sauce and vinegar. There are around hundreds of different chicken adobo recipes and this is one of them. Dry chicken … [see the recipe]